Privacy Policy

This privacy policy (Policy) is developed by Graphishare in order to inform you regarding methods of action in relation to privacy issues for this site. Graphishare treats your privacy issues as very important and you must agree to the terms of the Policy before becoming and Graphishare member and/or using the site.

Policy governs the information we collect about you and your use of information we provide to you. By accepting this Policy and the User Terms & Conditions Agreement, you expressly consent to our use and disclosure of your personal information in a manner prescribed in this Policy. You acknowledge this by using the Site.

Information About Children

Children (persons under the age of 18 years) are not eligible to use our services unsupervised and we ask that children not submit any personal information to us. If you are under the age of 18 years, you can browse the Site only in conjunction with and under the supervision of your parents or guardians.

It is the responsibility of parents to monitor their children’s use of our Site.

Information Collection

Graphishare only collects personal information about you if it finds it necessary for achieving the goal of the site. By collecting information Graphishare strives to create safer trading experience for its user and to encourage commerce between the buyers and seller using the Site as a platform.

User is under no obligations to provide Graphishare with the information and is able to access many locations of the site without providing any personal information.

When you visit this website, Graphishare can record certain information in relation to your visit such as:

This information is only used to analyse web performance and create statistics only used by Graphishare.

Graphishare will not otherwise collect information from you through this Site unless you knowingly provide it to us.

By voluntarily providing information to us when using the Site, you are consenting to the collection and use of your personal information by us.

Graphishare can use session cookies, which are used during a browsing session and these will expire when you quit your browser. Graphishare also uses cookies when you create a member account, in which case Graphishare will use cookies to store your Member ID. This member ID is a string of random characters and contains none of your personal information. uses this in order to enable you to come back to Graphishare without having to login every time you visit the site. Graphishare also uses cookies to enhance user experience of the site, trough user made presets and setting of the site. To completely remove the cookie from your system, simply select Logout from the navigation bar at the left side.

In case you decide to use the site for buying and selling, we will collect information about your buying and selling behaviour. This information is only used for website development and statistical purposes.

Any information that you voluntary disclose in bulleting boards, discussion areas, forum or chat of this site or in member profile pages, personal information or anything else that you have chosen to disclose can be collected and used by other parties. We cannot control what third parties in the bulletin board, chat room or member profile pages do with your personal information.

From those members who choose to become and use Members area of the site we collect additional information, which can be used for the following purposes:

            For statistical purposes used only by Graphishare and for user profiling

If you use any payment making and payment receiving facilitators on the Site, we collect additional necessary information, including but not limited to billing address, credit card number and credit card expiry date in order to facilitate this payment.


Graphishare will only use the information it collects through the Site for the following purposes:

Graphishare will not give, sell, trade or otherwise disclose any personal information about you to a third party unless:



Occasionally, we may use third party advertising companies to serve ads based on prior visits to the Site. These advertising companies use cookies to anonymously collect data.

No personally identifiable information is collected by these cookies. The anonymous data they collect is kept separate from the personal information in your Member account.


If you require access to your personal information or need us to correct your personal information you can do so by contacting


This Site contains links to other sites. Graphishare is not responsible for the privacy practices of linked sites. Underlined words and phrases are click-through links or hyperlinks to pages and websites. Graphishare strongly recommends that you read the Privacy Policy of the linked websites as they may contain further terms and conditions which apply to you


Our intent is to provide privacy, integrity, as well as authentication with regards to our Internet communication. The security measures we have taken are intended to secure and encrypt your data, such that a third party cannot capture, access or read the information while it is in the transit between your computer and our system. However, if you send information from the Site, it will not be encrypted unless we expressly tell you that it is.


We may change this Policy. Such changes will be effective when a notice of the change is made available on the Site. We will provide you with thirty (30) calendar days notice to allow you the opportunity to notify Graphishare if you do not agree to such changes.