Questions and answers section:

Why is Graphishare site in BETA mode?
We are still in active development stage. Currently most of site functions are activated, but as with any new systems we cannot assume there are no functional problems. During BETA stage we are actively testing and fixing any issues that might arise. We are still adding few functions that have not yet been fully activated.

What design items can I upload?
You are allowed to upload and sell all digital design items as long as you hold the necessary copyright on the product to be able to sell it.

What kind of items can I upload?
We have categorised these in 4 base categories.

What description should I include with my work?
We advise to include as detailed as possible description about your product. Lack of description information can lead to your costumer being unsatisfied with the purchased product which could lead to bad feedback for you and your product.

What feedback should I leave and how does it work?
It is possible to leave feedback for product only after you have made a purchase for this product. Feedback is based on a star rating 1 being poor and 10 being excellent. You can also leave a feedback comment below the product at any time.

How does commission work?
We do not charge users for uploading their products. Every time a product is sold we take a proportion of the product selling price. Authors commissions are progressive and as your total turnover increases so will this commission rate. This means the more uploader sells the more he earns. All users who start uploading files at BETA stage of the site will receive a bonus commission rate. Standard commission rate levels can be found under ‘Authors commissions’ section.

Can I choose my product selling price?
Yes product selling price is entirely up to you. This means that you have full control over your products. If you set the price too high however you might not be getting any sales at all. The calculator next to price setting will give you an estimate how much you will receive from every sale you make. As your commission changes your earnings from the sold product will also change.

Is there a limit to price level I can set?
There is a minimum price of £2, from here on it entirely up to you to set whatever price you believe is appropriate for your products.

What payment options are going to be available?
We are currently in negotiation stage however it is confirmed that we will offer PayPal and offer mobile phone holders a SMS payment option.

Why do the upload products need to be archived?
We ask our users to archive their files to save space on our servers as some of the files on sale can be with considerable size. Server costs make a considerable cost to running the system and hence influences commission rates. We therefore ask our users to archive their files at best possible compression rates.

Should I password protect my archived files?
No. Archived files should not be password protected. Such behaviour would be regarded as attempted fraud on the site and your account would be disabled or locked.

What screenshots should I show from my product?
Screenshots give important visual information to your potential costumers. So showing several views or some close-ups of your product is beneficial. All reasonable resolution screenshots are automatically protected with Graphishare watermark for your benefit.

What licensing should I use?
We strongly recommend to read the licensing options trough at least one time as this is a important legal document between seller and buyer.
In short however the current licenses on offer are:


What does file linking mean and what is its purpose?
File linking helps you promoting your related products to the one you are selling. For example if you are selling a 3D model of dining plate in one product you might want to link it together with a related design tea cups. This would allow potential buyer to see the related products.

I have submitted my file, but forgot to make file linking. Can I still link files?
Yes file linking / file association is possible at any time. You need to go to ‘edit file’ section. On the top you will see a tab ‘Associated Files’. Here you are able to change any file association..

I have submitted my file but it does not show up amongst the file library.
All new users need to pass first 5 products trough us for checking. We will look at your products and description as well as archived files to check that everything is done correctly. If there is a problem you will be given a chance to correct it. Once you have successfully submitted 5 products that are published in file library you will be given a trusted user status and your files will be automatically submitted to library. We however will make routine checks on files and any major mistakes might lead to you losing trusted user status or some files could we suspended from the published library.

I cannot find the category my file needs to go under?
Yes file categories will be developed as we progress with building the database. If you cannot find category you are looking for, add your file to closest possible or miscellaneous category. We will add new categories as demand requires.

Are you open to suggestions for improvement?
Yes we are happy to hear any comments from you. For suggestions you can email and for any technical difficulties or any glitches you notice