Author commissions

Site is still under development and not fully operational. All purchasing options are now actiavted, but we are still monitoring the system for any possible errors.

A percentage of every product that is sold on Graphishare goes to the author of that product. The percentage is purely based on the amount of sales the seller has had in the past. Even tough we highly value your loyalty, Graphishare does not require the author to sell items exclusively on Graphishare and so the fee does not change if you wish to sell the items in several places simultaneously.


As a product seller in Graphishare you will earn between 70% and 82% of your asking price. You have full control over the price you are selling the product for. And the more you sell the more you will be able to decrease your rates to your clients as your commission decreases.


As a new seller, joining us during Beta testing, you begin with a 75% rate. Below you can see a breakdown how your rates will change in respect of your total sales.

Author commission levels

Special Arrangements

In special circumstances authors might be given special commission rates. This is solely under discretion of the administration team.


Referral Program

In the near future for the site development we will also offer referral program opportunities, where items purchased and/or sold by your referred friends will earn a commission for you.